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south london is a shared computer based in the uk that you can use to make cool things and practice your unix skills. if you're new to *nix, this is a good place to start!
the main perk of using this server over any other pubnix is that
  1. we're based in the uk, so if you're in or near there you'll get much better ping
  2. we have a much better name than most other pubnixes
the server is currently in beta, so don't try to put any super-sensitive files on here just in case there's a security hole that hasn't been patched up yet. (if you do spot one, let me know!)

oh, and maybe come say hi at #southlondon on

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~cark - 12/04/2021
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this is a list of every user page on the server.

enjoy and god save the queen
- ben / lp0 / cark (this site's code can be found over here)